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Isle of Purbeck Brewery

Purbeck Cider Barn

Draught supply for your Cider Festival

It’s why apples were invented!

The Purbeck Cider Barn is, as the name suggests, the ‘cider arm’ of our operations. Developing from our network of craft beer suppliers, we can source over 100 different ciders and perries from many producers across the UK. Generally supplied in 20 litre bag-in-box units, the majority of our draught ciders are drawn straight from the barrel ready to be chilled and poured.

 The rise in craft beer has also enabled a wider audience for independently brewed ciders and perries. Cider lovers have long known that there’s a world of difference between mass produced ‘fizzy apple juice’ and locally sourced, hand pressed, traditionally brewed ciders. There is a wide range of styles, tastes and colours and there’s no better way to enjoy a summer’s day (and evening) than quaffing a cool, pint of cider.

Cider is, of course, brewed nationally but our location in centre of the ‘Cider Triangle’ of Kent, the Cotswolds and the West Country means that we have easy access to the finest independent cider makers. The majority of our cider festivals occur in the summer, probably for obvious reasons, but we also organise festivals throughout the year, often marrying the craft ciders with a range of local produce: Cider and Sausage festivals are ever more popular in the rural parts of Dorset.

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Talk to us about your cider festival.

We can organise single day events at smaller, indoor venues or, like the Bankes Arms Beer Festival, long weekend outdoor festivals. We can offer our full hospitality service or solely supply and delivery.

To take advantage of our comprehensive beer festival management services, please call us on 01929 450227.

Alternatively send us a message using the form below. Please select your ‘Reason for Enquiry’ when you drop us a line and we’ll ensure the right person gets back to you.