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Isle of Purbeck Brewery

Your Dorset adventure starts here…

The history of the Isle of Purbeck Brewery

The brewery was established in 2003 by dynamic husband and wife team, Jack and Pippa Lightbown. Jack’s family ran the Bankes Arms pub in Studland, a National Trust inn dating back to the early 1800s. Jack and Pippa were very much involved in organising the annual Bankes Arms Beer Festival, a celebration of independently brewed beer and cider and now in its 22nd year.

Using the knowledge gained from their contact with other independent brewers and enlisting the services of master brewer Dan Thomasson, Jack and Pippa began brewing their first beer, Fossil Fuel, on land adjacent to the pub. The brewery now produces five core beers which encompass a wide range of delicious styles and tastes as well as several seasonal ales, a cider and a wide range of real ale produce.

The brewery supplies nationally to pubs, restaurants, wholesalers, retailers and the public. It has made a particular reputation for being the ‘go to’ brewery for music festivals (there are six annual music festivals in Purbeck alone), fairs and fetes. Their delivery and racking service makes the brewery ideal to supply casks of ale to outdoor events and venues without a formal bar; wedding receptions, engagement parties, birthday and anniversary celebrations and music and performance events can all easily be catered for.

The brewery has its own brand of bottled beers: all of its core beers as well as seasonal and limited varieties. Isle of Purbeck Brewery bottled beer can be found in outlets across the UK and, bought locally, they can also be an excellent reminder of your Dorset adventure. Well, some of the pubs, at least! Bottle gift packs are available in local retailers as well as from the brewery and the pub.

The art of brewing the perfect pint

The brewery’s approach to making beer has always been straightforward. First of all, all the beers are made by hand in the traditional way. Always using live yeast and mixing the hops, barley and malt to expertly honed proportions, the process is very ‘hands on’ and keenly monitored to ensure that every stage of brewing is perfect. 

Secondly, the brewery doesn’t cut any corners on ingredients. It sources only the finest hops and grains from predominantly English producers as well as from Europe and America. Occasional beers are regularly produced to reflect seasonal supplies, with light, hoppy, summer ales contrasting with darker, more malty brews for cosying up round an open fire.

At all times, the brewery aims to provide exceptional personal service in the finest traditions of a family run brewery. The craft ale industry in the UK is now much more significant than when the Isle of Purbeck Brewery first began brewing and real ales are much more widely available. The brewery is proud to have been part of the independent brewing tide that has enabled both experienced and novice beer lovers to enjoy a flavoursome, hand crafted, unmanufactured real ale. We brew our beer believing that you’ll return for pint of Purbeck time and again.